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May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

If you are a student making a complaint you are pursuing a course of public justice and therefore entitled to the protection of the law the same as a witness. As things stand you can be psychologically beaten up by solicitors acting like the heavies all paid for out of taxpayers funds for which you have no say whatsoever as to how that money is spent.

You should not as in my case have allegations made against you that could lead to your arrest and detention. In my case i was accused by the insult to the human race Prof David Austin of malicious harassment without foundation simply to make my complaint go away.

He subsequently unlawfully helped himself to public funds contrary to the Company Act 1985 as amended 2004 to first defend himself against the threat of court action and secondly threaten me with the same for telling the truth.

Here is some of the correspondence with the University solicitors Eversheds that illustrates the sort of intimidation and character assassination that any complainant is put through.

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