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Why do the do it?

May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Because they can, and because the lunatics may well have taken over the asylum. Seriously, academics are more prone to serious mental illnesses such as paranoid schizophrenia and related personality disorders than is the norm per head of the population. Furthermore, paranoids will only accept instructions and criticisms from other paranoids who stick together in order to reinforce each others negativity towards students, be careful when they are being friendly you are being manipulated.

With regard to bullying it is also indicative that within the academic world they are failures and are jealous of you and other staff, they may be ‘acting out’ some kind of personal inadequacy or sexual dysfunction. There may be a power game going on or simply think you do not belong in higher education as social class issues still exist and from what I witnessed there was a different attitude to people of a certain class background. See for more details.

You also need to understand that you are up against a sick mindset that is comparable with vilest of Victorian hypocrisy; whereby the only crime is to tell the truth about what is going on. As the correspondence proves they are going to play it dirty beyond your imagination and the only know one response to any allegation and that is to make the complaint and the complainant go away.

Watch out for people with arrogance and illusions of grandeur, accept no responsibility for their actions, always blame others and are continually slagging off their colleagues in front of students. Paranoia is another thing to watch out for, staff who are paranoid about any form of criticism, and while they may ingratiate themselves by over identifying with students, they also earmark and reject students who fail to go along with their over inflated opinion of themselves for elimination. They have memory lapses, make stupid mistakes and lack the ability to hold a two way conversation; there is only one opinion – theirs.

This University was threatened with closure as a result of falling numbers and only a tie up with Trinity College Carmarthen saved them from closure. There is a general paranoia concerning student numbers and if the institution is at risk then so are you. The same applies to the Federal University as several other Universities in the Federation have also experienced falling numbers and courses have had to close amid serious acrimony.

The award of degrees may be affected and may leave the University open to a large number of students challenging their grade once the practice of stitching up trouble makers with false accusations of plagiarism has been exposed.

You must be in no doubt as to the extent to which these people people will go to protect their reputation. They will tell whatever lies, break and rules regulations or even laws that are necessary to cover up your allegations and eliminate you from the University, they will destroy you and you life prospects with no compunction.

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