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What to Expect If You Complain

May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Serial abuser behaviour from staff with false allegations of plagiarism made against you. By serial abuser I do not mean something done on the spur of the moment but people acting in a contrived and calculating manner and as they are well practised masters in this sick and twisted game they have done it all before many times before, you are not the first nor the last. As there is no plagiarism policy so you can be stitched up with a false allegation and there is nothing you can do about it, but they can ban you from every University in Wales.

Watch out for the bully boy game that is played out in most institutions or organisations. It requires someone in senior management and someone at the lowest staff level or in the case of any kind of penal institution an inmate. The way it works is that the bully controls their peers or students and eliminates any potential trouble makers, they also control other staff even if they are in a superior position it does not manner they just ignore them as the other player in the game is above them and will undermine every attempt to resolve the situation. If confronted the abuser claims they are being victimised and the beauty of this situation is the the senior manger does not have to do anything just sit on the fence while staff who cause trouble are also forced to leave this intolerable situation.

From what I saw serial abuser behaviour is confined to any threat from males but females are subject to fixated predatory behaviour, fixated means that the person is stuck in a prior stage of their emotional development and therefore sees the opposite sex of that age group as as being a legitimate target. What happens to those who do not go along with this sort of inappropriate attention I do not know but suggest that they too get abused. Some examples of fixated predatory behaviour that I witnessed are are slagging off colleagues to make themselves look big to impress the ladies in the lecture, and referring to the Chancellor as ‘his royal onion’ again to impress the ladies, and if you are not impressed you could be in trouble. I have witnessed other incidents in the presence of women that caused me great concern.

Using so called assignment feedback as a way getting at students is typical of the serial abuser, usually feedback need only be a single page of A4. But your work is taken apart in 3 sheets of A4 it is being used as a means to ridicule and humiliate you to the point that you are not going to answer back at any time and to induce such a sense of personal shame that you are not going to tell anyone; this is typical abuser behaviour. Examples of this are being marked down for leaving the full stops out of the expression i.e. and generally comments made are sick and by sick that is the feeling you get when you read it. What passes for being ‘constructive’ is a general tone of a slime ball being too personal, and over familiar rather than in a detached professional manner. This is also about power play; you are left in no doubt that whoever you complain to they are going to carry on abusing you as and how they please because nobody is going to stop them.

The second stage in the modus operandi of the serial abuser is elimination of you from the University and this can be by means of intimidation during an examination. You can have the lecturer you complained about sit less than six feet away and stare you out for an hour and a half while you attempt to take an examination and as its all overseen by the Examinations Officer who then says no one else complained, so that’s alright then! Any complaint during the exam is likely to lead to you being shown the door for being disruptive.

When you try to force them to play by the rules the Head of School steps in to make false allegations made against you for malicious harassment, this has the unfortunate down side that you could be arrested, detained and possibly charged. Who would think that a pillar of society would behave that way and who is going to believe you when you tell the truth?

You then get a letter from the Vice Chancellor telling you that the Student Complaints Procedures have been fully complied with and you have been sent a report. You will think you must be missing something and you are; you don’t get the procedures that appear on the University website they are for display purposes only. What you do get are the procedures they made up themselves to make sure your never comply with them. For instance they will impose meetings that you are not in the rules, that you are not obliged to attend and not even arranged then blame you for not turning up. The non-existent report is what you should have received within ten days of making a complaint some five months earlier.

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