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May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

The answer is nothing except go somewhere else its not worth the effort of trying to resolve it, you are up against a brick wall of deep psychological denial because they are never going to admit to behaving in such a sick and devious manner in order to save their careers. Hence the warning do not go there in the first place its not worth the risk or damage to you or your life prospects.

Another tactic is to give you the run around putting so many obstacles in your way of making any complaint that it is impossible for you to do your studies and complain at the same time.

You have four main psychological issues to deal with, firstly the loss of you life prospects in being forced to give up your studies, second the sense of outrage that these pillars of society can behave in such an outrageous way, third, although it is well known what has happened nobody is going to intervene and they know they can get away with it, fourth and by no means least you then have the battle for redress.

It is no exaggeration to say that these pressures could lead to suicide or taking the law into your own hands. Neither of these options is a good idea! If you break the law they will have no hesitation of having you charged so that they not you are the victim of crime.

You need to think about your own psychological welfare as you are in effect going to be abused many times over. First the abusing act itself, then again when you complain, again when you get fobbed off by the University, again when you get fobbed off by the Independent Adjudicator for reasons stated below, and again to who ever else you complain to because you will not be believed, nor will people make any attempt to take up your case for you because they are all powerless or choosing to keep it quiet. You simply repeat the abuse over and over again which only reinforces the damage that has already been done, that is why many victims of abuse do not complain and is a tactic that these people use.

There is a policy on bullying but the Vice Chancellor is not going to miss out on a chance to put the boot into your life prospects by dismissing your complaint and threatening legal action if you don’t go away. In a display of macho management he has to show people who is in charge and its not him; its the people pulling his strings and he is too stupid to see it.

Can I reason with them? Forget it, any reasoning is going to mean a concession that they have done something wrong and that is something they will never admit to. They will simply ignore you or refuse to enter into any correspondence and there is nothing you can do about it.

Can I complain to the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education or OIA. Yes of course; you get a ‘letter of completion’ signed by Secretary and Registrar saying the complaints procedures were fully complied with and in the final part the Vice Chancellor found your complaint was without foundation. In my case the problem with that is having two professional qualifications and managerial experience in social work I am more qualified to comment on issues of abuser behaviour than the Vice Chancellor.

You are dealing with people who have two faces, the University will give you every encouragement to complain to the OIA, this is all part of the false public image they put across to the outside world of being open and transparent. You are dealing with a sick and twisted mind so beware the smiling face that laughs behind your back as they are safe in the knowledge that it is the easiest thing in the world to stitch you up! How? the required ‘letter of completion’ may well be a pack of lies but fits the criteria set out by the OIA. You are being set up to fail, who would think that these pillars of society would do such a thing, nobody is going to believe you anyway, they then get rid of you and your complaint. Not only is the problem solved but it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate how reasonable they are and their commitment to student rights while at the same doing something that would make any right minded persons stomach churn.

Will people find out about this? No, despite the Higher Education Act 2004 stating that complaints are the same as evidence before a court. The OIA has imposed its own rules over the laws of England and Wales namely the Magistrates Act 1980 concerning reporting restrictions that are there to protect the witness and comply with the policy of naming and shaming the the abuser. However the OIA reporting of complaints is sanitised and anonymous so it is the abuser who is protected, people will not find out what happened to you so nothing is likely to change. Its all about Universities protecting their public image, hence this website.

Will the staff support me? Yes, if they want to suffer the same fate as you! Not all staff are sick and twisted and under the complaints procedures they are allowed to support a student, but the University would get rid of them the same way as they will get rid of you with some kind of false allegation. Staff can sometimes complain on your behalf but as with the incident concerning the examination they, like you, are simply going to be ignored.

Aren’t there very strict rules governing examinations? Yes, and if you break them they are vigorously applied against you. Any complaint you or staff make must appear in a report but the External Examiner will just ignore it so there is no record that it ever happened.

Can I complain to the Federal University? You can complain under the Higher Education Act 2004 but they have no student complaints procedures. However they do have a policy under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 for whistleblowers, but that too is going to be ignored. I took them to an employment tribunal as a trainee to force them to comply with their policy needless to say I did not get very far as my claim under section 43k the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1996 was struck out under section 46 of the Employment rights Act 1996. It maybe that staff who have taken this University to an employment tribunal have suffered a similar fate and have had false evidence submitted that is guaranteed to stitch them up.

You may wonder how did that happen? there is an obvious answer that I will publish in due course. It is an indication of the desperate measures that the Federal University has gone to to keep these allegations covered up as they affect the validity of the award of degrees. They will also collude with your own University to keep your allegations concealed so the only help you can expect from them is to be banned from every University in Wales.

Can I take them to court? No, the independent Adjudicator now replaces the courts on these issues. Contrary to Article 17 of the Human rights Act on becoming a student you gave up your common law rights to a fair hearing under the the rules of natural justice and Article 6.1 of the HRA 1998. What you have instead is something that would make a kangaroo court blush with embarrassment as the Universities have a controlling interest in the company that runs the Student Complaints Scheme.

Even if they have done something for which they have a personal liability they just help themselves to tens of thousands of pounds of public funds to defend themselves, while you pay your own legal expenses.

If you are a parent with your child at this University who is being treated this way you may well wonder what you can do about it. As family and solicitors are banned from any involvement in the complaints procedure the answer is you can stand by and watch!

Forget about the NUS; they do good work but they like staff are ignored and like staff unions probably threatened with legal action.

If you are already at the University my advice is to say as little as possible and do not get involved with any joint student and staff consultative groups. If you have any sort of difficulty that is going to lead to a confrontation and a complaint simply leave. Beware the smiling face that laughs behind your back, they will label you a trouble maker and get rid of you anyway. Try to get out with a reference to try again at another University outside of Wales.

You soon learn that complaints procedures and grandiose policies proclaiming a total commitment to the highest standards are for display purposes only, do not be foolish enough to try and actually use them as they are not to be complied with nor implemented under any circumstances, and least of all as a result of a complaint by the likes of you.

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