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OIA Independence Threatened by Lampeter University

February 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

The OIA Pathfinder Project

To: Ms K Worsey HE Policy & Funding Welsh Assembly Government
For the attention of the Education Committee and the Education Minister

Secretary & Registrar University of Wales Lampeter
Vice Chancellor University of Wales Lampeter
President University of Wales Lampeter
Senior Vice Chancellor Federal University of Wales
Eversheds Solicitors for Lampeter
Dr Medwin Hughes Principal, Trinity College Carmarthen
OIA Pathfinder Project – Evidence to include admissions in its brief.

Re: The OIA Pathfinder Project, Admission to Welsh Universities and the Conduct of the University of Wales Lampeter

Dear Ms Worsey

It would seem that taking you up on your suggestion to make a contribution the OIA Pathfinder Project should have come with a warning that any student doing so I likely to get the usual threatening letter from solicitors. Although I appreciate that you cannot accept responsibility for what students say, you should be aware of the consequences for a student blowing the whistle.

The University of Wales Lampeter fails to understand that in order to make an accusation of plagiarism against a student they need proof, for without it they a making a defamatory accusation of cheating. This is followed by the usual accusations of the student being paranoid, crazy, and committing malicious harassment when the student complains. They also need to comply with procedures but true to form they are simply going to pervert them or make them up to make the complaint go away and tell lies about it afterwards. They can abuse public office all they like but they cannot make the truth go away.

I have applied through UCAS to continue my education at Trinity College Carmarthen and naturally I would wish to clear up the fabricated accusations of plagiarism. To do that I have sent documents to Trinity that Lampeter claim justifies its accusations of plagiarism against me so they can see for themselves what any student at Lampeter is up against when it comes to making a complaint. Moreover, I am entitled to say what I like in reply to the defamatory comments made by the officers and staff at Lampeter to conceal their corruption with the fraudulent use of charity funds.

The OIA is considering expanding its brief to include the admissions process and I will send a copy of this letter in support of this proposal. What Trinity College does concerning my application is a matter for them; they have no justification for refusing me entry but they must address this issue of plagiarism so I can start with a clean sheet. If they fail to do that then… Next page >>

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