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Threat of Legal Action To Conceal Corruption

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Dear Sir

University of Wales, Lampeter

You have copied us in on a number of letters addressed to the Bishop in recent weeks. As you know, we are instructed by the University of Wales, Lampeter and therefore you should write to us and not write to our client direct or copy them in on your correspondence with the Bishop.

We have already pointed out to you that your comments are defamatory and are capable of forming the basis for an action against you. Our client has been tolerant to date in respect of the outrageous and untrue comments that you have made. These comments are without question defamatory and intended to cause damage and loss of reputation to the University and the individuals concerned.

Whilst our client has not so far taken action against you in this regard, it has now become aware that this defamatory material has been published through a website at We assume that this publication has been undertaken by you or at your instigation.

This publication of the material is highly damaging and will not be tolerated by our client. In the circumstances, our client requires the material to be removed immediately (i.e not later than close of business on Friday 12 May). If the material has been posted on any other websites to your knowledge, our client also requires you to remove it from those other websites and to confirm to us that you have done so in the same timescale. In addition, our client requires you to sign and return the attached undertakings by close of business on Monday 15 May. If you do not comply with both of these requests, our client reserves its right to take immediate Court proceedings against you. Such proceedings are likely to include an application for an injunction against you, a claim to damages and a claim for recovery of the legal costs incurred.

We hope that such action will not be necessary and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Eversheds LLP

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