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May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

The University of Wales Lampeter and the University of Wales

Corruption, Bullying, Financial Irregularities, Gross Misconduct and Academic Fraud etc.

This site is sponsored by staff and students of the University of Wales Lampeter to publicise the corruption that is endemic throughout the University. This can only happen if such action if the University Council and Office Bearers of both institutions are not only a party to the cover up of such conduct but also have their own actions to conceal. For more details on why socially and sexually inadequate lecturers and officers bully staff and students visit »

The University of Wales Lampeter is a member of the University of Wales which boasts a commitment to the highest standards. It has a policy on the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 that includes students which it ignores other than that it has no complaints procedures at all despite the requirements of Administrative Law, the Higher Education Funding Council For Wales and the Higher Education Act 2004. The introduction of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education was hailed as a revolution in granting students a fair hearing instead of the arcane system of the University Visitor. Sadly the procedures are meaningless as they depend upon the University telling the truth and unfortunately that is never going to happen. Who is going to be believed not the student is the answer and besides a finding in favour of the student is non binding and is going to be ignored.

The only answer to bring about change is for prospective students in other areas of the UK to keep away from all Welsh Universities. Avoid Lampeter and courses run jointly by associated institutions namely Trinity College Carmarthen and the London College of Technology like the plague. Given the conduct of the Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales you can add the University of Wales Institute to the list, more details on this soon.

‘The Lampeter Experience’ – 10 Stage Solution to Complainers

  1. Stitch student up with a false accusation of plagiarism.
  2. Intimidate student during an examination and mark down their work.
  3. Stitch up student again by perverting the complaints procedures. 
  4. Fabricate evidence as needed against the student.
  5. Make false allegations against student such as malicious harassment.
  6. Character assassination by describing student as being paranoid etc.
  7. Hide or destroy all evidence against them to prevent student from suing.
  8. Take legal action against student for telling the truth.
  9. Petition for bankruptcy if student owe them any money.
  10. Totally destroy student’s life prospects and possibly drive to suicide

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