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The Bishop Carl Cooper Ignores Advisers on the Protection of Children and Young People

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Wednesday, 05 December 2007 

To: The Bishops Advisers on the Protection of Children and Young People 

Re: The Bishop of St David’s as Visitor to the University of Wales Lampeter and the report of a serial abuser inflicting emotional harm to students and potential risk of sexual abuse or exploitation. 

I am a former mature student at the above institution and having spent 16 years in social work management working with the victims of abuse I feel very strongly on this issue. For this reason I complained about the conduct of a lecturer who I my opinion was systematically abusing students by juvenile game playing and deliberately setting unrealistic targets for assignments, my complaint that was upheld and then mysteriously withdrawn. 

I was subsequently stitched up with three false accusations of plagiarism that ranged from 11% to 24% and then 19% on two different versions of anti plagiarism software, when no plagiarism was committed and at 11% the software clearly states that checks must be made. I was intimidated during an examation when the abuser in question stared me out less than six feet away for an hour and a half while I attempted to take an examination. Students’ complaints procedures were deliberately perverted and obstructed, staff that were supportive also suffered and their complaints were also ignored and made to go away. 

For these reasons I made a complaint to the Bishop as Visitor, regrettably in my opinion he put his personal ambition before his duty to myself and his Church, I make the point that while as Visitor it is a separate legal entity he used Church in Wales headed notepaper envelopes and franking machine. That involves the Church and such an act is theft and a breach of the Charity Act 1993 which is going to be one of a number of complaints under the Charity Act 2006 that comes into effect in late 2008 , the consequences of which could mean the Church losing its charitable status and any offence reported to the police. It’s the same as helping yourself to the charity box on the bar of the local pub or the collection plate; it’s not what people donated to. I have also seen young people end up in court for less! 

The Bishop twice refused any from of independent inquiry and has put himself out not only to dismiss my concerns as “such wild allegations” he then praised the abuser by saying he was impressed by his “robust” comments of denial. The bishop has abused his authority to make sure that nobody else was going to verify the facts of the matter as he knew I was right. In my opinion he lacked the courage of any sort of conviction to deal with the consequences and I have found him to be a liar and he has his own conduct to conceal; this is Victorian hypocrisy at its most vile. 

Given that Universities are closed unaccountable institutions the only option is public awareness of what goes on behind the façade of respectability, in that respect I have been contacted by staff who have confirmed that the sexual exploitation and bullying of students goes on with impunity. 

It is common knowledge that one form of abuse leads to another and it does not matter what the age group is as sometimes abusers regress back to an earlier age and that is why children and young people as well as students are also at risk. 

This situation may not fit directly into the context of your guidelines but the principles are the same and it demonstrates how vulnerable children and young people are by the bishop’s actions in this matter, it also makes all your guidelines totally meaningless as it demonstrates what the response would be. I would also point out that conduct outside of any public position is taken into account with regards to misconduct. Moreover, anyone unjustly accused would want an independent inquiry to clear their name and any act of concealment is seen as an admission of guilt; there is a danger of the innocent being made to look guilty. 

I just felt that you need to know the background to me making these statements public on the internet and warning students at Lampeter to stay away from the Church in Wales. The destructive effects of the bishop’s example could lead to somebody taking their own life as other may foolishly follow his example.

You will appreciate that I am used to dealing with regulations, guidelines, and procedures on these issues and frankly I am horrified at not only what I have seen, but the extent to which it has been concealed by these pillars of society who in my opinion are no better than the abusers themselves. 

Please send a copy to the bishops.

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