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May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Date: Saturday, 08 April 2006 

To: The Bishop of St. David’s 

The Vice Chancellor University of Wales Lampeter – Prof. Robert Pearce
The Secretary University of Wales Lampeter – Dr. Thomas Roderick
The Head of School University of Wales – Prof. David Austin
Kathryn Worsey HEFCW Observer FAO HEFCW 

Re: University of Wales Lampeter 

Dear Bishop 

Thank you for your letter dated the 3rd of April 2006 

I am sure there are a multitude of reasons as to why you have taken 28 months to convene a hearing, but to blame me for refusing to accept the failure to comply with procedures by the above including yourself, is in itself a further abuse known as blaming the victim.

However, I do not wish to delay matters further but wish to point out yet again a statement of the obvious that this has gone way beyond a student complaint. 

I am still waiting to hear from Prof. Austin’s solicitors with regard to the issue of libel, and while that is a separate matter it does provide the basis for my complaint concerning breach of contract for his deliberate and wilful disregard for the Student Complaints Procedure. I do hope he does not use this to delay matters further. 

Clearly Prof. Austin ‘suckered’ the Vice Chancellor Robert Pearce with a pack of lies including the false accusation of malicious harassment and also told a pack of lies to Kathryn Worsey to discredit me and my complaint. 

Robert Pearce was careless and reckless in his actions and as a result he not only failed to comply with procedures, but threatened me with legal action if I repeated the true allegations against his staff. This threat was made despite the fact that I have privilege to make any accusation that I believe it to be true and he knows it. If he does take legal action then that could also be another excuse to delay a hearing. He must have found out the truth about these matters at some stage and has failed to take appropriate action to correct the situation and therefore became a party to the cover-up. 

Then there is Thomas Roderick, whether he to was ‘suckered’ by Prof. Austin or was in on the ‘suckering’ of Robert Pearce I do not know. What I do know is that he wrote a ‘Letter of Completion’ stating that procedures were fully complied with when he knew that statement was a pack of lies. He then directed me twice to the Independent Adjudicator in the knowledge that was the wrong course of action and my complaint would be dismissed for that reason. Then there is the contact with the General Secretary of the Federal University one Dr Lynn Williams who was also involved in the cover-up. 

I fully accept that you too may have been ‘suckered’ by all three and while I do not accept that as an excuse either, the hearing can deal with who was ‘suckering’ who so you too can put your side to this episode.

I have written to other office bearers on this issue specifically the President, Treasurer and Clerk all of whom should have responded according to procedures and guidelines, in particular the Clerk who should have responded according to guidelines set down by HEFCW. However, as usual I have been ignored. 

This may well mean that the University has acted outside its articles of government and the requirements of the Company Acts 1985 and 2004. It no longer has a quorum of members not personally involved in this matter. In these circumstances I must point out that you have no jurisdiction over these matters and ask yet again to involve and independent organisation such as the Welsh Audit Office for guidance. 

If this is the case then the University should be taken into receivership as the University Council has effectively disbarred itself from office and to continue operating under these circumstances may well be unlawful. 

What is blatantly obvious is that David Austin, Robert Pearce and Thomas Roderick cannot remain in office without the proper disciplinary procedures being followed. That too is I believe beyond you brief as Visitor, but you could refer the matter to the Higher Education Funding Committee for Wales HEFCW.

I must again make the point that you as Visitor must act in the best interests of the University as an institution and not in the interests of office bearers covering up their own misconduct for fear of the repercussions. In that respect the damage has already been done; it is simply a question of time before this scandal makes the news, the consequences of which are going to be a disaster for the University. 

I look for to receiving further information concerning the hearing.

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