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May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

To: Eversheds LLP, 1 Callaghan Square, Cardiff, CF10 5BT.

Cc: HEFCW – Notification that a criminal offence has been committed by failing to register under the Data Protection Act 1998. Confirmed in writing by the Information Commissioner December 2006.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dear Sirs

Re: University of Wales, Lampeter

I refer to your letter dated 11 May 2006 and threat of legal action to conceal the corruption at the above publicly funded higher education institution. 

Contrary to your pathetic threats, you have not brought proceedings against me for defamation founded upon the material which has been published at the website hosted at for the following reasons: 

I can say what I like provided it is true, you know as well as I do that the University in keeping with tradition has fabricated and destroyed evidence to prevent any form of accountability for its actions. Moreover comments are in keeping with the character of a University committing a criminal offence.

Under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 I can say what I like about a University provided I believe it to be true.

Comments made on the website hosted at are in keeping with the laws of England and Wales and given the conduct of your client fair and reasonable comment, made in the public interest to warn prospective students to stay away from Welsh Universities in general and avoid Lampeter like the plague.

This is to warn you that I intend to publicly name and shame all members of the University Council for the decision to take bankruptcy proceedings against students who complain in order to conceal the truth about the shameful conduct of the University, its officers, and staff. You have been served to provide a list.

It is only a matter of time before the University accounts for serious breaches of the Charity Act 1993 and that such will be addressed in a long list of complaints to the Charity Commissioners when the Charity Act 2006 comes into effect in April 2008.

Some of the most serious causing a financial loss to the University are; failing to comply with the Company Act 2005 in respect of legal fees to officers and staff, and committing a criminal offence by not being registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, perverting and obstructing the students complaints scheme.

It is the conduct of the University its officers and staff who have brought about a loss in its reputation, and not me for telling the truth about the corruption that in endemic in Welsh Universities. The web site has been viewed by hundreds of prospective students and Universities throughout the UK and around the world.

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