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Queen Sets Carl Cooper An Example

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Bishop could have been a Hero – If he followed example set by the Queen! To Geldards Solicitors 

Re: Introducing your client Carl Cooper (Bishop of St David’s) to the Truth! 

Just to recap on what is a very simple statement of fact concerning the false allegation of plagiarism by Zed ‘Robust’ Zorichak He initially stated that plagiarism was 11% but had at that level a duty of care to check his results and had he done so he would have found it was 1.77% and that was a mistake as it was the title. He subsequent sent an annotated version to Prof Austin that stated plagiarism was 24% in order to sound convincing, then in his submission to your client it went down to 19%. Yes he did lose count of the number of times he fabricated the evidence, I have also lost count of the number of times I attempted to explain this to your client, but unfortunately he was more occupied with playing God than acting like a Visitor. 

Following my campaign on this issue it seems that the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has done what Tony Corner, Prof David Austin, Prof Robert Pearce, Dr Thomas Roderick, Connie Matera-Rogers and your client refused to do and that was to actually the check the results. Guess what? It seems they came to the same conclusion that a 7 year old would have done in about 15 minutes and that is; there was no plagiarism. However, I have yet to confirm this with a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 

I have of course informed the BBC and expect some kind of investigation into this scandal, I would make the point that if your client had followed the example set by the Queen in this matter he would looked like a hero saving the University from what seems to be its certain fate. I understand that Trinity College Carmarthen has been informed of the seriousness of the situation and like any institution concerned with its reputation, they may well distance themselves from the University and your client. More details from my website which can be found searching for University of Wales Lampeter and Academic Fraud. 

Given my so called ‘wild allegations’ have now been proved as fact by the QAA, I feel that time has come to hand this over to solicitors to pursue the matter of the lies your client has told concerning his deliberate concealment of the institutionalised abuse that is going on in that so called University. I would also point out that your client failed to declare that he was a former student at the University!

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