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August 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Friday, 07 August 2009

To: Higher Education Funding Council for Wales HEFCW

Cc: Nerys Evans & Alun Davies AMs
The Senior Vice Chancellor and Secretary the University of Wales
Dr Medyn Hughes Vice Chancellor, Mr G Tobias Secretary, Dr B Jones President – University of Wales Lampeter

Re: The Eleventh Report of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Select Committee

“Protection for Whistleblowers should be addressed – current arrangements are inadequate”

I am very pleased to say that the basis for this wakeup call came from my submission to the committee that can be viewed online at and at . Now that my submission has been published both the University of Wales and University of Wales Lampeter cannot continue to spend vast sums on legal fees with Eversheds and Morgan Cole threatening legal action to prevent publication of the facts and the corrupt actions of officers concerning this matters.

Clearly complaints procedures at Lampeter are flouted and invented according to whatever is necessary to make them go away, while the University of Wales does not have any procedures at all despite being a requirement by HEFCW and Administrative Law under the Second Nolan Committee.

The legislation governing this issue the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 does not apply to students as such but does apply to trainees who can take a complaint to an Employment Tribunal under section 47k.
The UWL is flouting the law by not have a public policy on this issue; it also concealed the fact that I had a legitimate claim against them while making me bankrupt to conceal their corruption. By law they are required to behave in a reason way but this is only worthy of the worse kind of low life. The Federal University seems to be run by those of a similar ilk and while it has a statement in Appendix J of its financial regulations which as a matter of policy includes students. From experience any complaint is simply ignored and lies are told to the Audit Committee to gain funding to defend an action under this legislation which is commonly known as fraud. Pointing this out to subsequent Senior Vice Chancellors has led to further acts of concealment and threats of legal action or is simply ignored to conceal what has been going on.

My experience at Lampeter is nothing short of a national disgrace and will soon be exposed to the Enterprise and Learning Committee who will discuss these issues. Moreover, HEFCW also has a case to answer in simply arguing black is white to make the absurd comment that I have no evidence when the DIUS Select Committee clearly thinks otherwise and I suggest the E & L Committee will come to the same conclusion.

Given the loss that I have suffered as a result of a public duty to blow the whistle on the institutionalised abuse of students and that these matters will be addressed by the Welsh Assembly, I would be grateful if you would confirm what arrangement s you intend to put in place to address these issues.

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