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University of Wales Lampeter – Reputation!

May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Fame at Last for the University of Sleaze Lampeter!

I don’t believe it! You hear warnings that Eastern Europeans show no respect for copyright well here is proof. our sister blog site Bloggersblog has been lifted and and now appears as in Russian. It appears to be registered to some kind of educational information network in the Ukraine that circulates around the former communist block in Eastern Europe and communist Asia.  The story about UK universities being a recruiting sergeant for terrorists seems to be quite popular attracting the attention of local cable TV companies. It think the message of stay away from Welsh universities in general and avoid that toilet known as Lampeter like the plague seems to be getting through. It also seems to have caused a bit of a stir at Universities UK and some other places I could mention, I think its something to do with Lampeter dragging the whole of the UK higher educational system into the gutter.


We Are Very Popular in China and the US

The Lamp Post is very popular reading in Beijing and is circulated around the country by China Telecom. American big business is also very interested in the Lamp Post with readers mainly coming from California  and the Mid West.


Anybody attempting to save Lampeter’s Reputation is flogging a dead horse!

“Reputation, reputation, reputation!
O, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself,
and what remains is bestial.” Cassio in Shakespeare’s “Othello”.


“Lampeter Reputation” The Lamp Post is No1 on Google

“Eversheds Solicitors” The Lamp Post is No10 on Google

From the UK, America, Canada, Europe, India, the Middle and Far East. Try searching for it yourself you will find that in it on the first page in about 250 search engines. Yes, REPUTATION means everything whether you are in business, a public institution, or pursuing a career, its hard to earn it but there is the old adage ‘give a dog a bad name and hang him’ Once something has lost its reputation, it is very difficult to regain it. Take Lampeter for instance people who work there will always be associated with corruption and the ‘plagiarism game’ no matter what they do later on, they are branded with the scandal for the rest of their life simply because they worked at Lampeter. A large number of UK Universities are making enquiries about Lampeter QAA and the Quality Assurance Agency; I Wonder Why?


Beware of Perverts on Discussion Forums

Lecturers Pose as Students on ‘Lampyland’ Discussion Forum
To Discredit Campaign by PAIL Its the Way Abusers Work; Do Not be Fooled.


Intimidation During 1st Year Examinations Doesn’t Count!

The University failed to produce a copy of a complaint from the former Chair of the IT Department to the External Examiner concerning intimidation during an examination under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

The complaint was discarded by the University; reason being that 1st Year examination results do not count towards a degree! Presumably the same goes for cheating and plagiarism?


Student Complaints Procedure Deliberately Ignored

Claims that the University complied with the Students Complaints Procedure and Examination Rules exposed as being a pack of lies told by the gang of five:

Vice Chancellor Robert Pearce
Secretary and Academic Registrar Thomas Roderick
Former Head of School Prof David Austin
Examinations Officer Dr Jill Venus
IT Lecturer Zed Zorichak

Please note Dr Jill Venus has made a full admission that Prof David Austin ignored a complaint made against her in October 2003 and lied when he claimed that procedures had been fully complaied with.

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