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May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

This site is to publicise my experience of making a complaint while a student at the University of Wales Lampeter and the subsequent treatment I received for doing so. It is a warning to others contemplating making a complaint and deals with a number of issues in the form of the sort of frequently asked questions that you would have if you were in this situation.

I am 54 years old with two professional qualifications and sixteen years experience in social work management. I was trained in community and your work and community education at Goldsmiths and De Montfort, that this should happen in those institutions is inconceivable for the staff would not allow it. Moreover that this should happen at all in a civilised society is a bit of a shock and what you are going to read may take some believing and time to sink in. Its a bit like the king and his new suit, you see it but you choose not believe it because if you did then you would have to say something about it and that is going to be your downfall, so people carry on pretending that the issue does not exist.

I have some idea of standards as was also a field practice supervisor to nearly 30 students from a number of higher education establishments undertaking training in community and youth work, certificate of qualification in social work and certificate in social services. I also have a varied life experience which has included running my own business. You must ask yourself if I have to go through all this to get a hearing what chance do you stand? Read on and you will find the answer is do not even try; just do not go there in the first place.

What happened to me was bad enough but then there was the appalling conduct of Lampeter to cover it up and conceal the fact it ignored its own complaints procedures. They were assisted by the Federal University which has no complaints procedures and has ignored its own policy on the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 which is listed under Appendix J of its Financial Regulations. While this happened at Lampeter you may well ask could this happen in any Welsh University to which the answer is probably yes.

There has also been concealment by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the Higher Education Funding Committee for Wales (HEFCW), the Privy Council and the Welsh Assembly Government. In other words everyone with a statutory duty to ensure standards and that public money is appropriately spent knows what is going on and now so do you. Like me you will wonder not only how this can happen, the answer is simple; they get away with it because they have the approval of government who know what is going on.

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