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HEFCW failing in statutory duty of ensuring standards in higher education

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Friday, 21 July 2006 

To: Kathryn Worsey Welsh Assembly Higher Education and HEFCW Observer
Dale Hall Clerk to HEFCW
Cc: Mark Williams MP 

I have involved my MP who is in the process of finding out both sides of this long running dispute the basis of which is staff gross misconduct and corrupt financial practice. I have also asked him to assist me in enforcing my common law right (Hansard 19th January 2005 the Prime Minister) to hold the office bearers at the University of Wales Lampeter to account form their actions. That such a right has received much publicity as a result of a complaint against the Mayor of London whereby despite the autonomy of the office of Mayor a special hearing was convened and has therefore set a precedent. 

I would appreciate it if would therefore clarify that neither the Welsh Assembly nor the body charged with the statutory duty of ensuring standards in higher education HEFCW,

Believes that such a right should not be extended to the people of Wales where there is a case of gross misconduct to answer.

That you do not have the devolved power to implement such rights to the people of this country,

You have no intention of addressing this issue for fear of causing political embarrassment.

which one is it?

My MP has met with the Secretary and Registrar D T Roderick and from which he asked me to clarify certain issues. I attach a copy of the reply which is also published to the internet at . I will in due course publish the full story of this appalling saga of the worse standards in public life that I have been aware of in my lifetime and something that fits the vilest hypocrisy of Victorian society. 

In that respect as I have found out to my cost, for anybody to actually tell the truth about the reality of what goes on is subject to all sorts of abuse for making such ‘scandalous’ allegations, that is why I have been forced to reply in kind. The problem the University faces is that my complaints are true and that is why I can publish whatever I like to the internet despite threats of legal action. I will continue to use the community work methods that I was trained to use in the mid seventies because that is the only means of ensuring a fair hearing for my complaints. All it takes for me to stop this is an independent, open and transparent inquiry, I take no responsibility for the likely consequences for the failure of the appropriate regulatory body to take the necessary action. The University cannot act for it will bring down its senior office bearers so somebody is going to have to do it for them. 

I would for the benefit of my MP appreciate a statement from HEFCW that as the University is autonomous, then the moral leadership of the Welsh Assembly is simply that you can be as corrupt as you like as long as long as you can get away with it, and therefore such conduct is perfectly acceptable. Please also confirm that HEFCW is going to continue to provide funds from the people of Wales to this University while at the same time concealing from the public the corrupt practices that are taking place inside that public body. That you are going to go out of you way to prevent any form of public accountability for the way in which that money is being spent including the provision of public funds to staff for free legal representation when they have a personal liability. 

Please also confirm that you have no intention of making any from of intervention with regard to standards in public life, with regard to academic standards in view that I have absolute proof that students are being stitched up with false accusations of plagiarism if they dare to complain. For if such a practice became public knowledge then the entire Federal University would not only be made an academic laughing stock. This would lead to a total lack of trust in that public institution, the number of UK and foreign students would diminish, fees would have to be raised to £3,000 to make up the financial shortfall. This would have the economic knock on effect on industry and jobs including your own. 

Please confirm that under these circumstances you have no intention of making any inquiry whatsoever despite the fact that the University as a public body has been compromised by the misconduct of its office bearers and legal advisors. That you are quite happy for this situation to continue irrespective of the damage done to the people who work and study at the University. That you would rather the University closed down by market forces to prevent to the truth of what is going on being made public. 

Because of the cover up no action will be taken against me for whatever I publish to the internet; this will lead to a reduction of student numbers and the University will face closure. The important this is you know what is going on you failed to take the appropriate action within your powers to prevent it or to intervene in order to ensure appropriate standards for which you responsible. 

As you are aware this has been written for the purpose of clarifying this situation for my MP and would appreciate it if you will send him a copy of the reply; the usual fob off will do nicely.

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