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Further Evidence of Failure to Comply With Procedures

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Date: Monday, 22 May 2006

To: The Bishop of St. David’s

Eversheds Solicitors
The Vice Chancellor University of Wales Lampeter
The Secretary and Academic Registrar University of Wales Lampeter
The President University of Wales Lampeter 
Head of School Prof. David Austin University of Wales Lampeter
Higher Education Wales
Kathryn Worsey – HEFW Observer for HEFCW.
Elin Jones AM
The Education Committee – Welsh Assembly

Re: Further Evidence of Failure to Comply With Procedures and Board of Inquiry.

Dear Bishop 

An extensive search by the University in response to an inquiry by the Information Commissioner failed to provide the necessary reports that should been written by the Chair of the IT Department, the former Head of School Professor David Austin and the Vice Chancellor Robert Pearce.

The reason for this is because these reports do not exist! Confirming my previous allegation that the Secretary and Academic Registrar Thomas Roderick signed a so called ‘letter of completion’ in the knowledge it was a pack of lies.

This is further proof of my claim that the former Head of School Professor David Austin and the Vice Chancellor Robert Pearce deliberately lied to conceal the truth that procedures were not followed.

Therefore unless you have something else lined up to prevent the truth of what has been happening inside this institution to be dealt with by those magic words openness and transparency, I would be grateful if you would respond accordingly with details of a board of inquiry. I suggest three people one each representing myself the University and you as Visitor would be appropriate.

I would also point out that I have a right to say what I like about any public spending body and in effect to petition the crown without fear of forfeit, please explain that to Eversheds and the University as they just make whatever threats they like to make complaints go away. I shall of course add that to my growing list of complaints that I intend to submit once a fair and just process for you to hear these complaints has been established. 

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