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Complaints Procedures Do Not Work

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Date: Saturday, 22 April 2006

To: The Bishop of St. David’s

Eversheds Solicitors; although I am not sure who they are acting for.
The Vice Chancellor University of Wales Lampeter
The Secretary and Academic Registrar University of Wales Lampeter
The President University of Wales Lampeter
Head of School Prof. David Austin University of Wales Lampeter
Friends of the University of Wales Lampeter
Kathryn Worsey

Department of Higher Education Welsh Assembly and HEFW Observer for HEFCW. Who has condoned this conduct as being in the ‘tradition’ of Welsh Universities, in other words they are used to telling a pack of lies and getting away with it.
Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
As evidence that this University as well as the Federal University cannot be trusted to tell the truth and that this practice may well be common through out Welsh Universities. This may well explain why students are understandably reluctant to make a complaint.
The Education Committee Welsh Assembly
As evidence that the Students Complaints Scheme under the Higher Education Act 2004 is being used to monitor any would be complainant and eliminate them from the University.

Naturally I am pleased to have received a letter from you dated the 13th April 2006 in which you state that you are now going to adjudicate on a complaint first made on the 8th of December 2003. Under the circumstances it seems nothing short of a miracle that it is going to be heard at all.

You will know that I have written to the Independent Adjudicator to clarify who has jurisdiction on the issues that have recently come to light as a direct result of court action. I will write again when I get a reply. 

Just to recall what has happened, here is the list of reprisals that I was subjected to for complaining as a warning to others.

A false accusation of plagiarism that could have meant I was banned from every University in Wales. No plagiarism policy exists; staff can stitch up who they like with false allegations in retaliation for complaining.

Humiliating treatment by means of so called assignment feedback whereby the only enlightenment is that it was a sick personality that wrote it.

Referring to the Chancellor as ‘his royal onion’ to impress the ladies is a measure by which students are themselves treated depending on whether you are male or female.

Males seem to be on the receiving end of bullying or serial abuser behaviour while females are on the receiving end of fixated predatory behaviour.

Assignments being marked down for major errors such as leaving the full stops out of the term i.e.

Intimidation during an Examination, being stared at from less than six feet away and overseen by the Examinations Officer. Subsequent complaints by myself and senior staff according to procedures were ignored.

Student complaints procedures totally ignored, obstructed and perverted by the Head of School Prof. David Austin, the Vice Chancellor and Secretary every step of the way.

A false allegation of malicious harassment made against me made by the Head of School Prof. David Austin for attempting to persuade him to comply with procedures.

That this allegation could have led to my arrest and detention.

Contrary to complaints procedures and policy on bulling the Vice Chancellor writes a letter which is not only insulting but a deliberate pack of lies claiming procedures have been fully complied with and then covers his tracks by refusing to enter into further correspondence.

When challenged the Vice Chancellor then issued a threat of legal action for complaining at the same time as obstructing every means of resolving this matter.

With regard to the Students Complaints Scheme under the HEA 2004 the scheme as run by the Independent Adjudicator requires a ‘letter of completion’ to be written according to their guidelines.

The Secretary and Academic Registrar wrote a ‘letter of completion’ that he knew to be a pack of lies. The question is whose word is going to be accepted? From experience the answer is not the student and there is no hope of the truth being told.

As I have proved there is no point in bringing this to the attention of the University Council as any student can expect a conspiracy between office bearers to make their complaint go away.

The Students Complaints Scheme should come with a warning that any student within the University of Wales attempting to make a complaint does so at risk of serious damage to themselves, their university education, their life prospects, or even at worse loss of life itself, for this is enough to push anyone over the edge.

In my opinion these people are potential killers that would have no compunction in driving a complaining student to suicide to make them and their complaint go away.

Therefore I feel it reasonable to ask what dirty tricks are lined up next for you people will stop at nothing to make my complaints go away. 

You have known the facts of this matter for a long time and have seemingly come up with a multitude of excuses to do nothing despite every conceivable means of persuading you to act. In a letter dated the 13thOctobert 2005 you claimed you were waiting for guidance from the Independent Adjudicator.

Unfortunately the Independent Adjudicator has no knowledge or record of having received such a request!

I would also point out that in order to extract the above information I have had to test the matter in the courts for which I obtained acknowledgement that procedures were not followed. That fact has been reinforced by the admission from Prof. David Austin that his false allegations against me were ‘damaging’ after I threatened further court action for libel.

It is not clear as yet if Eversheds are acting in the best interests of University according to charter, company and charity law or to conceal the gross misconduct of senior office bearers and staff, which is why the Friends of the University have an interest in this matter. 

In any case they are required to report to the relevant authority any unlawful act that they discover irrespective of client confidentiality. With the admission of Prof. David Austin as to his actions in this matter Eversheds should be reporting the fact that evidence was submitted to court in your name and in the full knowledge that it was false and untrue. They should also report any failure to comply with procedures which may also be unlawful.

I am aware that you are being instructed by Eversheds whose claim to represent the University is in my opinion somewhat dubious. I have asked the Independent Adjudicator if such a situation of being instructed by University solicitors is acceptable for them, if not it is not acceptable for you either.

Under the circumstances of the University being caught out as outlined above nobody can believe a word they say, and the arrangements you have made would make a kangaroo court blush with embarrassment. Therefore, I must insist that you either refer to or have your adjudication verified by an independent and reputable firm of solicitors who specialise in these matters, in which case I will accept their decision. 

Should you fail to do what under the circumstances is a perfectly reasonable request, I will proceed according to your instructions and then go back to the courts for a Judicial Revue of your decision as not complying with 6.1 of the HRA 1998, as well as being inherently unfair and contrary to my common law right to natural justice. I shall also submit my costs for forcing you to hear this complaint and bringing the truth to light. 



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