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Friday, 03 May 2013

Bishop of St David’s Visitor the University of Wales Trinity St David

Cc:   His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC the Sub Visitor the University of Wales Trinity St David

         Professor Medwyn Hughes Vice Chancellor University of Wales Trinity St David

Dear Bishop,

For the last three years like your predecessor, you have abused your position to come up with some highly imaginative and pathetic excuses to obstruct the resolution of a legitimate complaint. For your part, this includes ignoring the situation for seven months and only under threat of media disclosure did you then divulge that you had contrary to the Royal Charter and articles of governance delegated your Visitorial duties to the Sub Visitor His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC.

The Sub Visitor can only act in the event of incapacity or absence, deputising is not allowed unless specifically stated in the Charter.  You already know this fact and have had two opportunities to clarify this situation and you have refused to do so. Moreover, Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC has stated in writing that he advised your predecessor as Chancellor to the Diocese of St David which being a separate legal entity he had no jurisdiction to do so.

This raises the question of why would a Crown Court Judge offer to hear a complaint knowing he had no jurisdiction to act in the capacity of Visitor. In my opinion based on experience, it was just another flouting of the rules with impunity to carry out another miscarriage of a course of public justice. Under the circumstances, I had no choice other than to decline but then I suggest that is why you contrived this situation.

Academic Standards and Corporate Governance

While at Lampeter, I made an oral complaint that we were set an assignment with the requirement to put last name, first name, and course reference in the file name. Given that it was a DOS assignment that can only use eight characters in a DOS file extension it was not scientifically possible to do so. On that basis, this University would not pass an inspection for a primary school and a child would have been able to point out the obvious, unfortunately, in a climate of fear, most students are afraid of the consequences, those that do take their future in their hands.

As I have already mentioned standards of corporate governance are on the same level, moreover, a number of people have come up with the catch phrase ‘I was not there at the time’. The simple fact is that handling maladministration is the same as handling stolen goods, if people inherit a responsibility for any form of wrongdoing the question is what they do upon discovery. If the answer is nothing then they are as guilty as the person who committed the offence. Some have not only made this pathetic excuse but also attempted to pass on responsibilities that cannot be delegated in order to avoid accountability.

The Validity of University Degrees and Partner Institutions

Trinity St David is a charity company or ‘charcom’  and like all companies it must comply with its articles of governance in order to be fit to trade or its services may well be deemed to be invalid. Clearly, this is something that students and partner institutions should be made aware of as they could be throwing away their time, money and future.

Moral Guidance

In the wake of the banking and MP’s expenses scandal the Archbishop of Wales gave a lecture on business ethics and came up with some kind of ethical covenant. Perhaps you should have attended, given that you are a bishop I have to question whose work are you doing as I can find no correlation between your conduct and the concept of Christianity.  You seem unable to comprehend the concept of public service, but then the track record of the Anglican Church in the concealment of all forms of abuse is appalling. What sort of example do you think you are setting ? Is it that the abuse of position and power together with flouting the rules in one’s self interest is perfectly acceptable? Apart from the issues in this letter there is the matter of the payment of some £14,500 in legal fees to your predecessor, and undisclosed amounts to staff to defend personal misconduct, the legality of which all concerned have refused to clarify. In the wider context, perhaps others in positions of trust in charity organisations can claim that if a bishop can do it so can I, but why is it only me that is being investigated and facing prosecution.

Lampeter Job Losses and Falling Student Numbers

Under the circumstances, this is hardly surprising as despite unfounded threats of legal action with the use of public money to conceal the personal misconduct of officers and staff, thousands of people from around the world have read and decided to stay away. As far as job losses are concerned it is important that people know the reason why, and that you and your predecessor may well have stopped it from happening.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Section 3

This part of the Act concerns the health and safety of people other than employees such as that dwindling commodity known as students. In my opinion, you have helped create a safe haven for the institutionalised serial abuser who with justification may well think they have God and the judiciary on their side in the elimination of anyone who shows dissent by the dirtiest means possible. This entails inflicting the maximum amount of financial and psychological damage in what is appropriately called psychological violence, in order to preserve ‘reputations’ and fragile egos. In that respect, with your abuse of position, obstruction and game playing you have done the same to myself.

To give some examples, there are probably many other examples of bullying and intimidation.

  • stitching up students with false allegations of plagiarism,
  • ignoring the rules and making them up as they go along,
  • the character assassination of anyone who dares to complain,
  • this includes being abused across the internet,
  • telling lies to the point of inventing and presenting a scenario that has no basis in reality,
  • assignments being marked down without explanation,
  • refusal to provide evidence of allegations against students,
  • subjecting students to stress with the use of unfounded threats of legal action,
  • using un-ratified and fabricated minutes of complaints hearings, again as a means of character assassination, to demonstrate that lies can be told with impunity.
  • lies told by officers to the University Council.
  •  fabricating letters of completion to prevent any complain the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education from being upheld,
  • intimidation during examinations,
  • telling lies to the courts to deny anyone a fair hearing.

To clarify from experience these matters concern both Trinity and Lampeter.

Failing to provide a safe environment for students is the ultimate responsibility of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales Trinity St David Professor Medwyn Hughes, the judge will confirm that it is a personal liability and a criminal offence.  

I am horrified at the thought of what may have to happen to someone on the receiving end of this violence before a complaint is made to the Health and Safety Executive. While the legal responsibility lies with Professor Hughes, the moral responsibility is all yours.

Why Don’t You Just Go?

In my opinion like your predecessor, you seem to gain some kind of perverse pleasure out of abusing your position and inflicting violence upon others. Therefore, I repeat my previous demand that you resign and as ask the University Council to appoint a new President as Dr R. Brinley Jones CBE claims he ‘was not there at the time’. Then appoint a new Visitor by a ‘lawful’ process, this time with the approval of the Privy Council to someone other than His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC. This would need to be somebody who has the personal attributes you obviously lack including an understanding of the concept of natural justice and has no connection with the Anglican Church.

This will of course mean taking the lid off your involvement in the concealment of serious maladministration but in the passage of time that is going to happen anyway, probably after Lampeter has closed down. However, it will mean a reduction in the damage or worse that you inflict on others while this process takes place. Pass this on to the others if you wish, from my point of view its not worth the effort.


Foreign Students Beware – UK Universities and the Visa Game!

A large number of foreign students have been in touch with us over the conduct of universities that has devastated their lives and left them with serious debts. UK students who complain are well used to the sort of games these institutions play and the way in which they are abused, but all foreign students outside of the EU should be aware of the Visa game! Its simple your complaints are ignored until your Visa runs out; bye bye to you and your complaint. Problem solved!


A Warning for Higher Education Whistleblowers!

The perception given by governments that the QAA’s Cause for Concern this is a credibly whistleblowing process concerning academic fraud, institutionalised abuse and maladministration is totally false, to quote the QAA

“Universities are private, self-governing, organisations that are accountable for their receipt of public funding but are not regulated by governments. There is no oversight organisation that can instruct institutions on how they run their affairs. QAA has no statutory powers and no remit to deal with matters relating to governance and management. “

This means that institutions can and do simply ignore the QAA which exposes the myth that there is effective regulation of higher education, it is the duty of governments to ensure and enforce adequate regulation and accountability, and it cannot use a ‘charity’ to do a job that requires statutory powers such as that of OFSTED or ESTYN. It puts vulnerable beneficiaries namely staff and students at risk. Registered charities must also demonstrate that they are not being influenced by organisations with a vested interest such as the Church in Wales and their fund providers which are the English and Welsh Funding Councils who they must challenge if their charitable purposes are being prejudiced in order to conceal appalling standards and wrongdoing.

Governments also give the perception that Funding Councils will withhold funding to ensure compliance, it is never going to happen. We feel the loss of credibility to the QAA over the Cause for Concern scandal is going to undermine the validity of its entire higher education review process. This supports the view of the former IUSS Select Committee that the QAA is ineffectual and should be scrapped.

Therefore, we have made a related complaint to the Charity Commission that under this part of the Quality Assurance Agency’s stated charitable purpose. A range of activities to secure HE standards & quality: reviews & audits of standards & quality in HEIs has exceeded its powers to set up a Cause for Concern (CfC) Complaint Process in breach of its Memorandum of Association and various aspects of charity law. read more


The Report into the University of Wales Lampeter by Haines Watts Corporate Finance

As a result of a successful complaint to the Information Commissioner HEFCW published a copy with redactions.

“A copy of the redacted Report has also been sent to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in addition to the other information already provided to the ICO to assist his review of this case. HEFCW” Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

We have made a complaint regarding the redactions which is still under investigation by the ICO

To download a copy of the Haines Watts report click here